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Magazine Quality Real Estate Photography

Magazine Quality is a premium look that enables the inside of the room to be perfectly exposed as well as a perfect exposure of the outside area that can be seen inside that room.  Examples: 1. If the master bedroom has windows that look out to a nicely landscaped area, this outside area will be seen and perfectly exposed in the image. 2. If a large living area connects to another room, both of those areas will be perfectly exposed in the image.  Magazine Quality requires more images of the scene be taken and more editing time.  See this image of Magazine Quality.

Professional Grade Real Estate Photography

Professional Grade is a perfectly exposed and sharp image of a room with the window areas not revealing the outside area.  This service should be used for room that shows a less than ideal outside area.  Examples: 1. A master bedroom has a window that reveals an outside area that reveals a neighbors trash receptacle. 2. A kitchen area has a small window that only reveals a side wall of an attached garage.  See this image for Professional Grade.

Night Shoot

After photographing the home or commercial property during the day, a return trip will be made to capture it at twilight in the evening.  This includes light painting (a technique used to light areas of the property that are usually dark at night.  It is perfect for high end homes as well as businesses. Examples: 1. A property with a pool or fire pit.  Perhaps the driveway or entrance has an illuminated walkway. 2. A business has lit signage that needs to be captured as well as an evening atmosphere.  Perfect for hotels and more.  See this image of a night shoot.

Online Tour 

Online real estate listings often only offer small scale versions of images.  Go full screen and wow clients with an online tour featuring full screen images, slideshows and the ability to download images at various sizes, including full resolution. Agent contact info is also part of the Online Tour (complimentary with each package).  See this example of an Online Tour.

Video Tour (coming soon)

A video walk though of the home or commercial property interspersed with still images.  This is the ultimate selling tool for premium homes and high end properties.

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— Gregory Bateson